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The Journey
The Journey
Going through a town
Rocky Road
Beautiful Hillside
Muddy Road
A bus piled high with luggage
Road Side Scenery
Going back to Cap-Haitian

The journey from Cap-Haitian to Dolval is rough and long. The trip can take anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours depending on how muddy the roads are. If they are too muddy, pushing the truck might be required. On the flip side, if it is not muddy then the dust is tremendous. It is hard to know which one to wish for. Because of these conditions, it can be very difficult to find drivers who are willing to even make the trip.

On the way to Dolval you pass small towns and villages where little children will stand by the side of the road and wave. People seem to enjoy the site of visitors. The scenery is also breathtakingly beautiful between Cap-Haitian and Dolval.