Dolval, Haiti: A Village of Hope
The Journey
Unforgetable Faces around Dolval

Visit the Church

Building the School

At Dolval Baptist Church
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you will find people who love God and have found joy despite their harsh living conditions. They love to get together and worship and have the most beautiful voices. The members at Dolval Baptist range from the very young to the very old.
Walking to Church
Church Members Singing
Children Singing
Singing in the Dark
Little Boys Dancing


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There are 1,600 children in the village of Dolval. 400 of them are able to attend the National school. An additional 400 students now attend a school provided by Dolval Baptist Church with assitance from the organization, Haiti Cheri. Currently, they are meeting in temporary structures, the church building, and under trees. With help from Haiti Cheri, a new school building is under-construction.
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Mixing the Concrete
Pouring the Floor

Boys Helping with Construction
Making Concrete Blocks
Pumping Water

Children at School

The children in Dolval learn by memorizing information off of a blackboard because they do not have textbooks to learn from. They take subjects such as math, Creole, and French. Because the school does not have chairs for them to sit on, the students bring their own chairs from home. The students also wear uniforms to school every day.

Around Dolval

When you walk around Dolval you will see houses made of sticks and concrete, or concrete blocks. Around the houses there are usually cactus hedges used to keep chickens, pigs, and goats out. They also use the hedges to dry clothes. You might see a game of football ('soccer'), walk by someone carrying water on their head, or children playing in the yard.

Hospitality to Guests

The people of Dolval are the most gracious hosts. You might have someone sweep the area around your tent everyday so that it will be clean or cook fabulous Haitian meals. They create an atmosphere for guest to eat that is beautiful and relaxing.
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Dining Area
Students Singing
Waiting Quietly

Carrying Chairs
Lunch Time
Learning Songs by Repetition
Baby Goats

Playing Ball
Little Boys Singing

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"Come and See" John 1:46

"Vini We" Jan 1:46

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Additional Resources

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Haiti Cheri
Check out Haiti Cheri's website to learn more about Dolval. Also learn they are helping the people in the village through the education, development, ministry, and the medical program.

Brenda's Kids
As a part of Haiti Cheri, Brenda's ministry is to share Christ’s love with His children, to give them a strong sense of Biblical principles, enhance their education, to empower them to make a difference in their families, their community, and their country.