Dolval, Haiti: A Village of Hope
The Journey
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Often when we think of culture we think of the clothes someone wears, the food that they eat, and the type of home that they live in. Really, though, to understand someone's culture you have to know how they see things like the world around them, how they communicate, and how they organize their lives.

Read the following questions and first think of how you would respond in your culture. Then click next to see how someone from Haiti might respond.

Question 1

It is Sunday morning and you have church. How do you know that it is time to leave your house and head for church?

a. You look at your watch, see that it is 9:45 am, and know that you must leave to make it there by 10:00 am.

b. You hang around at the church building all morning waiting for it to start.

c. You do not know the exact time but listen for the sound of a bell and know that church will start in approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

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